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Goalkeepers' campus


In Barcelona

This next July will take place our 9th edition of Impulse Sport goalkeepers’ campus.

As every summer, we have new hopes and expectations for this year's summer camp, so that as in previous editions, you can enjoy and improve doing what you like best, playing and coaching football as a goalkeeper.

On our campus you will train specifically different technical, tactical and coordinative skills, essential for our area. Our intention is to teach different concepts and basis of the goalkeeper performance so that, during the following season, you can use them and help you optimize your performance in goal.

Also, goalkeepers’ campus is a great opportunity to meet other goalkeepers and make new friends, all in natural settings and a mountain climate that is ideal for playing soccer.


Dates: from Sunday, July 2nd to Saturday, July 8th.

Place: Ripoll (Ripollès region – Catalonia).

Maximum capacity: 30 goalkeepers.


(half board)

Includes: lunch and snack



(full board)

Includes: accommodation, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner

Includes: exclusively trainings



( no board)

For all participants:

- Morning and afternoon specific goalkeepers’ training.

- Other activities: Sports as futsal, volleyball, ping-pong, mountain hiking. Pool, movies, theoretical talks, and so on.

- All the participants will be covered by a health and accident insurance.



El programa de entrenamiento del Campus Impulse Sport, durante esta semana, contemplará el trabajo intenso de las acciones específicas más fundamentales y básicas para el portero de fútbol como: la parada, el blocaje, el desvío, el despeje, la salida, la entrada, la colocación y la dirección de los defensas.


Todas y cada una de estas acciones se trabajarán a través de las nuevas corrientes metodológicas utilizadas con los porteros del más alto nivel, enfatizando aspectos como el desarrollo de las diferentes habilidades coordinativas i la toma de decisiones en la resolución de las diferentes situaciones de juego.


De esta manera, nuestros principales objetivos son:

• Aprender y mejorar las diferentes acciones específicas del portero de fútbol y sus fundamentos.

• Convivir con otros porteros y hacer nuevas amistades dentro de un grupo tan limitado y especial como el nuestro.

• Disfrutar del fútbol y de nuestra demarcación tan específica como desconocida para muchos.

• Aprender diferentes valores como el respeto, la colaboración, la competición, el sacrifico, el espíritu de autosuperación, el fair-play, el orden, etc.


The structure of the campus, on a day to day is:

Hour         Activity                         Location

8.30           Wake up

9.00           Breakfast

10.00         Training 1

12.00         Pool

13.30         Lunch

14.00         Rest

16.00         Training 2

18.00         Sports center

21.00         Dinner

22.00         Cinema



Coccer field F-11

Large pavilion



Coccer field F-11

Large pavilion




 * This schedule may be affected depending on the views of professionals who come to campus to give a talk.


Other activities: other sports (volleyball, indoor football, basketball, tennis, etc..), swimming pool, cinema for everyone, theoretical training lectures and viewing video.


In this edition we will give you:


          • 1 Impulse Sport t-shirt

          • 1 Impulse Sport shorts


¡And other prizes and surprises!


What to bring?


          • 2 tracksuits (trousers and sweatshirt) who harbor

          • Several sets of workout clothes (pants and shirt)

          • Football boots and sneakers ("trainers")

          • Goalkeeper glove

          • Outerwear

          • Swimsuit

          • Pool towel

          • Thongs

          • Bag with your personal stuff, underwear and sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) for body and lips.

You are allowed to bring mobile phone but you should keep in mind that you can only use it from 14:30 to 15:00 and 21:30 to 22:00


Your parents can also call to you in 616 51 31 26


The campus Impulse Sport develops in Ripoll, in CF Ripoll facilities. This is a great facility located within a natural environment of high mountains.


Impulse Sport decides to repeat his goalkeeping campus at that location because it is considered an ideal place to train with the highest quality and intensity at this time as summer place. In addition to the high mountain climate we breathe, we are in a very familiar and intimate environment where the porters can focus on their learning and interact with their peers.


Training camp is F-11 next-generation artificial grass. We have all the field with total exclusivity.


Also use other sports facilities such as sports pavilion, parquet room to stretch on and classroom of the new civic center for theoretical lectures.


During the week we will be staying in the hotel Solana del Ter, 15 minutes walking from the field. The hotel has a pool, a room reserved for us (to play the "Play Station", games, etc.), exclusive restaurant area for the group and rooms up to 4 players, all with bathroom inside. An entire floor of the hotel is reserved for our group. The hotel website és: http://www.solanadelter.com/



In Oklahoma

This coming July Impulse Sport will collaborate again with the Oklahoma Soccer Association in the realization of the Goalkeepers Summer Camp & Elite Goalkeepers Camp.


There will take place two goalkeepers campus, one in the city of Tulsa and the other one in Oklahoma City.


Now you will have the chance to do specific training with a work program, a methodology and concepts from the type of game of the Spanish goalkeeper. This is how had been trained goalkeepers as Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Víctor Valdés (FC Barcelona), David de Gea (Manchester United) and many more.


Alfredo Rodríguez, Impulse Sport’s technical director, is national soccer coach (UEFA pro coach) and has a master degree in goalkeepers training from the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (Spanish soccer association). Besides, he has been investigating and training about goalkeepers’ basis and instruction for over 15 years.


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